Gynecological Bacteriostic Agent (G.B.A)


The Gynecological Bacteriostic Agent (G.B.A) can be used for treatments in 25 gynecology issues; and they are:

Leucorrhea has a peculiar smell, Vaginal wall bleeding, Contact bleeding, vaginosis(Bacteria, mold, trichomoniasis), Senile vaginosis, Pelvic inflammation, Pelvic effusion, appendagitis, endometritis, Fallopian tube blockage, Cervical hypertrophy, Uterine prolapse, condylomaacuminata, Contraction of vagina,Improve sexual coldness, Urethritis, cystitis, Ovarian cyst, dysmenorrhea, cervicitis,Multiple cervicitis’s cysts, cervical erosion,level 2 cervical erosion,With grain change,Uterine leiomyoma.

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The Gynecological Bacteriostic Agent (G.B.A)


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